August Report

Just returned from two great events in July, Copa del Rey in Palma Majorca, Spain and the Melges 32 Nationals in Newport, RI. Copa was great, sailing the RP82 Highland Fling against the hot mini-maxi class of 72 footers. We went there knowing the custom racers were going to beat us on handicap, but we were going to learn a lot, and it panned out exactly that way. We had excellent close racing, learned heaps on sailing our boat better, got immediate performance feedback, and improved tremendously as a team. This was great training for our next event which is the Maxi Worlds in Sardinia in September.

My next event was the Melges 32 regatta in Newport. Our Worlds are there the end of September, so we are trying to get in all the racing we can in the area. The fleet was pretty tough, with 26 boats, and everyone gearing up for the Worlds. We won the last race, and finished 10th for the event, so an OK result for our new team and owner.

Next up is a training session again in Newport on the Melges in the middle of August, followed by the Newport Bucket on the Briand 130 P2. Should be fun going from hiking out wet and cold on the 32 foot Melges, to driving a 130 foot Superyacht with 30 crew. Both just as challenging, and some great diversity which I really enjoy, and makes this sport so much fun.

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