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  1. Peter, I doubt if you remember me but I am Ken Layfield’s older brother Tim. Wish this was good news but Ken passed away back in March of this year.
    I guess you knew that he made his living with boats just as you have and was the number One purse seiner (tons caught) for Alaska more than once and was the only non-Alaskan on the state fisheries advisory board. His oldest son Elliott is caring on the legacy.
    Ken told me that you/they have begun racing the J-Boats again. An old girlfriend’s father was a shipwright from Cape Cod use to be on race comities back in the 1930s, knew all the Hershoffs, Any west coast races?

  2. Hi Tim, just found your note today. Really sorry to hear about Ken. If I remember right, he came down here with some buddies a few years ago and I paddled out and had coffee with him. Glad I did.
    And yes, the J’s have a great class and the racing is grand, to say the least. Mostly racing in Europe, but also Caribbean and East Coast of US, nothing West coast.
    I just shared your note with my brother John.

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