Tunisia Adventure

Just finished an epic journey on my Outremer 45 catamaran here in the Med.  I was joined by my racing navigator and good friend Nacho, who is considering getting a cat for himself, and so was keen to join and help me test mine. We sailed from Menorca, off the coast of Spain where I have been based, across to Tunisia on the Northern tip of Africa.  Tunisia was the best non-EU country nearby to meet some VAT guidelines. It was a great trip and the perfect chance to finally unleash my Outremer 45 and see how she performs, test my inventory of North Sails, my B&G instrument package, and my Mastervolt power system.  And everything has been awesome, even better than I hoped it would be. Tunisia was also a pleasant surprise, with lovely people and heaps of history.  On the return leg, we stopped at the bottom of Sardinia and visited a cool little island named Carloforte, before sailing back across to Menorca.  Absolutely one of the nicest sailing trips I’ve ever had.  It was the first real outing with my cat using the full kit, and having Nacho along made for the ultimate test sail.  We tested her in every mode, used every sail to learn it’s range, and trialed nearly every feature of the B&G navigation package and Mastervolt power system to see how they all worked.  We both enjoyed every phase of it and came away highly impressed.  So an awesome one for me, real happy to be so satisfied with all the choices I had made.  Now headed back to the VI for a bit before returning to Sardinia next month for the Rolex Maxi Regatta.  A big thank you to my partners in this cat venture, Outremer, North Sails, B&G, Mastervolt, and Harken.

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  1. WOW! We gotta get over there! I can’t believe the boats. Just got back from a Tahiti Sunsail Charter with Marty, Danny Buick’s brother and the girls. Beautiful! We’re gonna track you down soon! Good luck!
    PS Great Cat pictures!

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